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Citizenship by Investment Programs

Certain Caribbean and European jurisdictions offer citizenship and passport in exchange for a significant financial contribution to its economy. 

Processing times, costs and requirements vary from country to country but in general, these programs pride themselves on simplicity, fast processing times, strong passports, and convenience (most have no residency requirement).

To qualify for these programs, an investor must undergo government due diligence on his or her background and be willing to invest a minimum amount. For example, in Antigua & Barbuda, the investor may choose to invest minimum US$400,000 in real estate OR make a one-time non-refundable contribution of US$200,000 to the National Development Fund.

Our team's experience in these CIPs is a great asset and we will be pleased to help you navigate the complex world of second citizenships and passports. Contact us for more details.

Contact us for more details:

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