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From the Sahara to the Saint Lawrence: Igniting a Technological Renaissance from Morocco to Quebec

Updated: Feb 3

Morocco, with its rapid rise in the technology sector, is forging a reputation as a fertile ground for innovation and technological entrepreneurship. Companies like Deepecho, Agua de Sol, and Chari are striking examples of this dynamism, each revolutionizing key sectors with their innovations. Deepecho, with its advancements in ultrasound diagnostics, Agua de Sol with its innovative solutions in converting humidity to fresh water, and Chari, redefining B2B e-commerce, are showcases of Moroccan ingenuity. These companies, led by figures such as Youssef Bouyakhf, Philippe Dekoninck, and the duo Ismael Belkhayat and Sophia Alj, are not just transforming the technological landscape in Morocco but are also laying the groundwork for increased international influence.


Quebec, as an innovation hub, offers a particularly attractive context for technology companies and entrepreneurs. With renowned institutions like Mila in Montreal, a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence, Quebec stands out for its conducive environment for research and development in advanced technologies.


In 2023, Montreal was ranked among the best cities for startups, thanks to its dynamic ecosystem, attractive tax incentives, and support programs for innovative companies. Quebec also boasts impressive growth in the clean technology and artificial intelligence sector, with a 72% increase in jobs in this sector between 2016 and 2021, according to Montréal International.


The Quebec government also offers generous grants for immigrant businesses and startups, with programs providing up to 50% funding for certain research and development projects, underlining its commitment to supporting innovation. Moreover, the favorable tax conditions, including tax credits for scientific research and experimental development, make Quebec particularly appealing for burgeoning technology companies.


In this context, Quebec extends as an open invitation to Moroccan entrepreneurs in emerging technologies and innovative startups to explore opportunities for growth and expansion. This Canadian province, known for its warm welcome of international talent and its commitment to sustainable innovation, could become a key partner for Moroccan companies seeking to establish themselves in the North American market. Quebec presents itself not only as an attractive destination for business but also as a vibrant ecosystem where innovative ideas can thrive.


In summary, as Morocco continues to shine in the field of technological innovation, Quebec positions itself as a fertile ground for these companies in search of new horizons. The merging of Moroccan entrepreneurial spirit with Quebec's innovation ecosystem could pave the way for fruitful collaborations, thereby strengthening the Moroccan presence on the global technological stage and contributing to the economic dynamism of these two regions.

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